Fashion OVER 30

Fashion OVER 30

Age Appropriate Fashion After 30.

While much of this evolution happens naturally, we all have those wardrobe pieces we stubbornly cling to. We may probably never wear them (or, at least, we never should). Well, I am here to help, because when it comes to clothes, every woman can use an occasional nudge toward adulthood from time to time (including, moi).

First things first: Past the age of 30, you really should be limiting your fast-fashion (remember, I touched on this in my last post) consumption to only trendy pieces you don’t want to drop a ton of cash on. But if you have other items in your closet from the fast-fashion mega stores of the world and never wear them, donate or consign them. Do it! Just get rid of them.

Instead of “fast fashion”, try investing in quality basics, you’ll thank me for this later when your entire closet is machine washable and not dry clean only. 

Here’s some helpful tips:

Ok the thing about wolf shirts: You can own them; just never admit to it or wear them in public.

Instead, try a playful graphic tee.


While we very much appreciate the practicality behind pieces that can be worn inside out, they tend to be a bit too cheesy for an adult to pull off.

Instead, try a versatile piece like a leather jacket with zipper details.


Oh, collegiate sweatshirts...Once you’ve put a good eight to 10 years between yourself and your sorority days, it’s time to lay those bad boys to rest, unless you’re headed to a game to support your alma mater.

Instead, try an outdoor vibe-style sweatshirt.

I know this could be a hard pill to swallow. Have a little fun here and there. But, for the most part keep it simple, classic and timeless.

Here’s a rule of thumb that I found keeps me on fashion track: Wear pieces that when you look at picture from five to ten years ago, you won’t be able to tell what year it was. We ALL have been there at one point in our lives 😘




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