I am not talking about a magician making the Statue of Liberty disappear or “sawing” a person in half. I am talking about the trade show that happens twice a year in the glitzy town of Las Vegas. 

This was my first year of attending. I brought my trusty “assistant” my husband, Tony. 

We were only there for two nights, we stayed at the Bellagio...baller, I know. Ok, back to the show... MAGIC is a little bit of a girls dream and nightmare all wrapped into one big package. You have a million vendors to choose from, which makes it easy to spend a million dollars. The trade show has the latest trends in women’s fashion as well as the hottest emerging designers. In these situations, I have ZERO self control. I easily could have spent a large fortune on new inventory for Spring/Summer 2018. Thankfully, I had my trusty assistant to talk me off the ledge of the MAGIC abyss. Tony is to thank for narrowing down the NEW brand we have now at 

Here’s an overview of the new brands we have for Spring/Summer 2018:

Coalition LA:

This company is amazing. They offer an array of outerwear along with VEGAN Leather Jackets. The company provides animal friendly clothing to raise awareness. Coalition LA is a PETA Approved Company, how great is that?!!

Motion By Coalition:

Where all my girls at?? Motion by Coalition was born out of the desire to inspire, motivate and educate woman along their fit journey. They are know for FASHION+FUNCTION and QUALITY FIT+FABRIC (just like us...a match made in fashion heaven). Motion is a WOMAN RUN COMPANY (totally badass): from the start of their design to the sales and creative efforts. Their mission is to create beautiful, functional activewear that fosters confidence and friendship. 

I mean c’ just makes you want to support then all day everyday.


Another Love:

Continuing on with empowering the ladies, Another Love is the brand were the woman believes in herself. She’s fearless, ambitious, confident, compassionate and feels secure in her own skin (AMEN). She knows exactly what she wants. She achieves her goals with vision and grace. She is outspoken and respected for her thoughts and tenderness. 

Above all, she is full of love and self-worth; lover for herself, lover for her family and love for her friends and others. 

Another Love stays on-trend with the latest styles. She gravitates to the styles that are feminine, bold and comfortable (can I get another amen). 

Always aspired to inspire one another with love and kindness, this is ANOTHER LOVE.

Agian, a brand with a kick ass philosophy. The garments are beyond soft and wearable. You’ll take every color of each piece. 

Mono b.:

Mono B. Believes in a healthy lifestyle and that activewear fashion should be celebrated ( insert athleisure). Mono B. Believes that great performance fitness apparel doesn’t only need to look functional but also needs a fashion expression for oneself and a purpose to show ones desire. They offer a wide range of fashion forward activewear with luxury athleisure manufacturing ( no see through pants here). At Lindsey Moceri you will find, leggings, yoga pants, cycling pants, sports bras, athletic tanks and jackets. 


This brand is a no brainer! Alternative is sustainable, ethically sourced fashion-it is their thing, and we LOVE them for it, They create garments that you love to wear, but they don’t want you clothes to come at the cost of people or our thoughtful. Alternative is part of the Fashion Revolution, a global movement calling for a greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry, from farmer to consumer. 

Alternative has been one of my all time favorite “basics” brand. They take basics and update them to make them more flattering, softer and functional, all of my favorite things for my go-to tee’s, sweatshirts, wraps, you name it...I’m a fan!

So, in a nutshell (a very large Disneyland sized Rescue Ranger one) MAGIC was a success.  We came, we saw (lots of weird things, it is Vegas), we conquered. 

I want you ALL to try these brands out ( buy one of each item, kidding, kind of) and give me your honest most constructive feedback. 



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